Friday, June 3, 2011

The Broship of the Ring

The Broship of the Ring is Lord of the Rings interpreted as a modern-day buddy road trip story. It started as a half-formed idea and a doodle while watching The Two Towers and very quickly escalated to ridiculous proportions. The internet seems to approve and I'm having way too much fun with it! To be honest I'm not really planning on stopping anytime soon.

The van is named "Shadowfax," Legolas is trying to get signal so that he can check his ElfEyes™ GPS app, Sam is barbecuing up some nice taters...the gang's all here!

Eowyn as a biker chick

Arwen as an indie coffee-shop queen

Eomer as a biker bro

Hipster hobbits!

The drinking game...

...and a Nazgul on his fixie!

Doodly funtimes

I present, silly doodles for your enjoyment!

Doctor Who doodles!

Duchess doodles!

Self-portrait doodles!

Suspenders doodles!

Carmen Sandiego doodles!

Europe doodles!

Lady pirate doodles!

Pirates fighting doodles!

Siren doodles!

Baudelaire doodles!

House doodles!

And some comics based on my true life: