Monday, January 31, 2011

Violent Victorians and birthday "fun"

More, more!

First Book Illustration assignment! We had to invent a four-word alliterative phrase and then create an image based on it. Mine was "violent Victorians vibrating vodka." I had a blast making this. I love cravats. Why did guys stop wearing cravats? They are great.

An overly-dramatic biographical comic for my Sequential Art class. It's about how I got sick on my birthday and New Year's Eve.

Oh and here's the final version of that poster, with text! I did a lot of the type by hand WHICH WAS VERY HARD but good practice nonetheless. Making this piece was a nice exercise, since it had more of a real-world feel - a sort of "can you get this to me by Friday?" thing and then emailing back and forth to resolve issues and work out the placement of text. I felt very legit.

That's all for now! Assignments are going to keep coming, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The first assignments of 2011

Illustration II, first assignment. This is based on an extremely vivid childhood memory of mine. The accompanying text is as follows:

They announced the winners of the art show after the school play; I was eight years old, and I was dressed as an Indian. The art teacher (my favorite teacher) took the stage after the curtain call to present the prizes, wearing a blue dress and pearls, hair freshly curled. My age group was first, being the youngest. I was fully prepared to take first prize; after all, I was amazing, obviously. Third place – second place –first place. It wasn’t my name. How could it not be my name? Feeling sick, I continued waiting to hear my name called, certain there must be some mistake; after all, my art had been hung on the wall with the ten-year-olds. But my name wasn’t called with the ten-year-olds. The last prizes were given to the oldest group, the high school kids, and I knew all hope was lost. I was close to tears. “And now for the best of show,” said the art teacher, beaming at some private joke. “The best of all the students – of all the age groups, first through twelfth grade – the very best…” she carried on like this for some time, “…goes to Noelle Stevenson.” And my little heart almost stopped.

Something kind of different. This is a poster I did for a friend about a soap label design contest, sans text.


Just a bit of silliness really. I've ragged on sexy pirate chicks before but they are fun to draw.

Tiny Sailor Self funtimes

Wee indeed.

You know it's going to be ONE OF THOSE DAYS when you wake up with Bon Jovi stuck in your head.