Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bits and pieces

Some life drawing stuff! Naked men below, beware of penis.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


By a stroke of bad luck, my two most important classes are on consecutive days, and both required multiple pieces for my final. So I died a little or a lot getting everything done.

For my Illustration I final, we had to create box art for a hypothetical special edition DVD of a movie chosen for us by the teacher based on our aesthetic. I had a choice between Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and City of Lost Children, and while I loved both movies, City of Lost Children had too many amazing characters that I just had to draw: conjoined twins, narcoleptic clones, a dwarf princess, a brain in a jar, scary cyborg men.

But really it was the two main characters that I loved the most, Ron Perlman as a circus strong man in a spiffy sweater, and Judith Vittet as a nine-year-old femme fatale in her stripey red getup (which I want to imitate). They're so fun and easy to cartoon. I tried to get a kind of circus-y feel with this cover without being cheesy.

This is the booklet cover. More One and Miette.

Aaaand some spot illustrations for the inside of the booklet. I needed more time on these, as they are kinda sloppy in places.

Frankly I'm just tired of looking at these though, so maybe another time.

I'll photograph my life drawing stuff and put that up soon, maybe.

FINALS NONSENSE: Digital Illustration

Both of my illustration teachers decided to team up and make me lose my mind! YAY!

For Digital Illustration, we had to create an identity packet for Brooklyn musician Heather Christian, who has a nice sound, and you should give her a listen. Sort of a Regina Spektor/Norah Jones type thing.

Anyway, I tried to come up with some motifs to use, and somehow I got the idea that she liked rabbits. The rest of the imagery was just a kind of "what do I feel like drawing" kind of thing. The answer: naked girls, gramophones, bathtubs, banners, holes, water, clouds, and rain. I changed my mind about the rain after having to draw a billion raindrops but I stuck with it.

Album art.

Disc design.


(This was originally going to be my album cover, but I thought the album needed something that filled the space a little better. I think it was a good decision although I got some great comments about this illustration too.)

Aaaaand poster. The raindrops gave me hell so I had to redo them digitally, and they kind of suck, but there was no way I could've redrawn all those raindrops again.

I got a great critique on this. Heather Christian came and visited the class to help critique, and she was really sweet and very enthusiastic about them. In fact it was one of the most positive critiques I've ever had, and after what I went through getting these done, I really needed a good critique. I'm happy with how they came out although I had a mini freakout when I saw the poster printed out 11x17 and realized how many mistakes I'd made with the linework, but no one else seemed to notice. I love the colors. I don't even know how that happened, but they're beautiful, and normally I suck at colors.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leaving Home

This was a speed illustration done in-class based on the theme "Leaving Home." By "speed" I mean five hours. So not that speedy.

I'm not 100% happy with it. The colors need work. And the balance is wack but I kind of like it.

Here are some other Photoshoppy things I've been doing:


Been trying out some new things, like not using lines for everything. Woah.

Aaaand a flapperish lady.